Spring Summer IIII


A simple truth

This Spring/Summer collection is like a sartorial breath of fresh air. A natural color palette with the most beautiful shades. A search for beauty in its purest form. And seeing that beauty can be found in the more simple. That beauty can be found in what we are all made of. Silk fluid dresses, airy tops and linnen trousers, surrounded by the sense of fresh laundry. Relaxed and elongated silhouettes dominated by soft, yet deep earth tones and dusty pastels. Traditional shapes accentuate the female figure and curves. Shades of lilac, sorbet pink, burnt orange, sand, ivory and mocha translate into an effortless, yet well-coordinated style. All materials are of natural origin and only the best fibres were used. 

Timeless in both quality and style, this collection was designed in Belgium and produced by local and European family-run contractors.